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We are a multi-keyword monitoring service able to generate reports correlated to your keywords. 

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Our personal and business success is very much dependant on:

Xtra-Eye - The Right moment

Choosing the right moment to make ourselves useful

Xtra-Eye - Attracting your market

Attracting our audience by exposing it to relevant content

Xtra-Eye - The customer/prospect pain points

Getting to know the audience`s pain points 

Xtra-Eye - Getting Informed

The overall reflex of getting informed

Even though the necesary information is most of the time available on the web, people do not get to capture it to the needed extent and, therefore, do not use it to their best advantage. The amount of information is huge and the time is limited.


Google displays info based on a huge number of people behavioral input which translates into their algorithm. Lots of pieces of information that are relevant to you are not displayed within the first two Google pages. Your relevant info comes from only a tiny part of the web: a certain type and number of sources. We implement those sources, you set up your keywords, group them and you only need to click ones a day to get your own filtered relevant info without the need to scramble all Google pages.  

Why is our monitoring service different?


Because we turn almost any website into a source


Because we closely assist you with translating your field of interest into sources and keywords, implement sources, monitor keywords and supply the resulting content.

Here is what can we do for your marketing and sales teams:

Relevant selling enabling information

Provide your sales team with information to be used as door opener

Provide daily information

Provide daily information about relevant developments taking place, if any

Add new sources of information

Enable the team to access and monitor new sources of information when discovered

Share Information

Enable marketing people to get to their relevant content and use it to reach their communication goal


Here is what can we do for you, the manager:

Informative Habits

Help establish informative habits across sales and marketing organization

Regularly checks

Research your topics and propose sources and keywords to be monitored and serve those topics

Share Relevant Content

Disseminate content to your ends (e-mail, social media, web property) or allow your colleagues to do so

New Sources of Information

Add new beneficial to the entire team sources of information

Your effort is tiny and solely spent to draw guidelines. We do the rest.

The steps:

1/ You give us a list of websites or a certain topic based on which you need to generate content;

2/ We come up with a list of web sources within your scope for validation;

3/ You validate or adjust the list and set up your keywords;

4/ We implement your sources and start monitoring the keywords;

5/ You are finally able to push relevant content to your ends: your e-mail, your social media or web.


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